Director of the Center for the Study of Addiction and Recovery Recognized

Johnson Institute salutes Kitty Harris-Wilkes for work in the recovery community.

Written by: Georgia Godfrey

The director of Texas Tech University’s Center for the Study of Addiction and Recovery this week was announced as an America Honors Recovery Honoree by recovery and prevention pioneer the Johnson Institute.

Kitty Harris-Wilkes, also co-director of the Center for Prevention and Resiliency, will be honored at the fourth annual luncheon in September in conjunction with National Recovery Month. The luncheon will take place Sept. 27 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

A tradition in the nation’s addiction recovery community, this award honors individuals who have used their expertise and experiences to enhance the chances of recovery for those afflicted and affected by alcohol and other drug addiction.

"The Center for the Study of Addiction and Recovery is a vital tool in the collegiate recovery process to aid those students who have struggled with addiction," said Linda Hoover, dean of the college of human sciences. "Harris-Wilkes’ dedication to students who are in recovery is an example of lending our hearts and hands to those who have been affected by addiction."

The Johnson Institute has pioneered intervention, treatment and recovery strategies for more than 40 years. A key premise of the Johnson Institute’s activities is better awareness and more appropriate responses to addictive disease, beginning with broad recognition of the recovery process.

The Center for the Study of Addiction and Recovery provides a nurturing, affirming environment in which students recovering from addictive disorders can successfully pursue academic, personal, and professional goals. As part of the College of Human Sciences, the Center for the Study of Addiction and Recovery strives to enhance students’ quality of life and helps them to become productive members of society.

During its 20-year history, the Center has helped more than 500 students further their education and career goals. Harris-Wilkes and her staff currently serve 80 students who are in recovery. Her work with these adolescents and young adults has lead to her innovative programs being actively developed as models for other collegiate environments around the country.

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