Texas Tech Officials Launch iTunes U

Red Raider generated content takes center stage as Texas Tech announces partnership with Apple Inc.

Written by Michael Castellon

YouTube. Digg. Facebook. Several years ago, not many trend analysts suspected that user-generated Web content would explode in the way that it has. Homebrew videos, podcasts, and musings have become the epicenter of content that exists on the Web, and now, iPod-toting Texas Tech University students, staff and faculty have a place to call their own.

"For several months, Texas Tech has been working with Apple Inc. to launch its own branded page within the iTunes Music Store," said Texas Tech President Jon Whitmore. "It’s my pleasure to announce that our store is live and we can position ourselves to begin accepting content generated by the Texas Tech Community."

iTunes U at Texas Tech University includes content related to athletics, research and campus life.

In keeping with tradition of user generated content, university officials heavily marketed the iTunesU launch using new media, including posting teasers on the wildly popular social networking site Facebook, which boasts membership of more than 30,000 people in the Texas Tech community.

"Not only will iTunes U at Texas Tech University allow our students and faculty to submit their own video and audio tracks to a medium that our students and potential students use extensively, but it also gives us the opportunity to show outsiders what we have going on at this dynamic university," Whitmore said. "This major project allows us to use new media to better market ourselves and our events."

Unlike many iTunes U projects at other campuses, Texas Tech’s storefront will not just feature academic and lecture content.

Launch productions currently include a short student-made video that tells the tale of a starved student enduring class long enough to make it to a campus eatery. Users can also watch and download a video that outlines the effort it takes to host a Texas Tech football game, including interviews with food vending staff, P.A. announcers and security personnel. The store also features content related to job hunting and resume writing, movie reviews, poetry and literature readings and a video tribute to Men’s Basketball coach Bob Knight’s 880 career win. 

For information on how to submit content for iTunes U at Texas Tech University, contact Michael Castellon in the Office of Communications and Marketing.

For more information, contact Michael Castellon at the Texas Tech University Office of Communications and Marketing.