Experts Discuss Culture, Ethnicity, Race and Religion during Vietnam War

A chance to hear experts discuss the Vietnam War, Texas Tech University Vietnam Center’s annual conference will be held on March 22-24.

The widely varying cultures that contributed to the complexity of the Vietnam War are the theme of the Texas Tech University Vietnam Center’s annual conference, slated for March 22-24 in Lubbock.

The conference, "The Impact of Culture, Ethnicity, Race and Religion in the Vietnam War," will feature scholars from around the country.

"Understanding the different cultures involved is essential to understanding the Vietnam War and its aftermath," said James Reckner, director of the Texas Tech Vietnam Center. "We hope that this conference will foster a thorough examination of this topic."

Sessions include:

• The impact of religion in the United States and Vietnam.
• The impact of antiwar activities on American Culture
• American visions of Vietnam
• Soldiers’ experience in-country
• Race and class in the American military
• Minority culture
• Culture as reflected in the literature of war and in postwar Vietnam

Speakers will include:

• Geoffrey Shaw of the American Military University speaking on "The Buddhists & Ngo Dinh Diem," and Ken Millen-Penn of Fairmont State University who will examine "Crucifers and Crusaders," American President, Christianity and the Vietnam War."
• Larry Berman of the University of California at Davis will speak on "The Impact of American Culture on Communist Spy Pham Xuan An: Why Can’t We All be Friends?"
• Devissi Muhammad of the University of Detroit Mercy will speak on "Muhammad Ali and Vietnam: A Challenge and Transformation with Regard to Sports, Race, Religion and the Law."
• Marc Jason Gilbert of the Hawaii Pacific University will speak on "Playing the Race Card: Vietnamese Appeals to Non-White Forces of Occupation, 1945-1975."
• Keith Taylor of Cornell University will speak on "Collateral Cultures: Wartime Congruencies, Differences and Indifferences."

Founded in 1989, the Texas Tech Vietnam Center is one of the largest collections of Vietnam-era related documents in the world. Only the Pentagon has more material on the Vietnam War.

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Stephen Maxner, deputy director of the Vietnam Center at Texas Tech, (806) 742-9010 or