Gabriel Eckstein Named George W. McCleskey Professor of Water Law at Texas Tech University School of Law

Written by Michael Castellon

Date: May 11, 2006
CONTACT: Michael Castellon,

LUBBOCK – Texas Tech School of Law professor Gabriel Eckstein has been appointed the school’s George W. McCleskey Professor of Water Law.

Eckstein currently is director for the Center for Water Law and Policy at Texas Tech. He also serves as an advisor to the United Nations’ principal U.S. legal expert on water law issues as well as director of the Internet-based International Water Law Project.

The School of Law has positioned itself in recent years as a leader in water law and policy, an issue of increasing importance as global freshwater resources dwindle and legislation becomes increasingly outdated and complex.

Last year, Eckstein spearheaded The Water Law and Policy Symposium at Texas Tech, which allowed leading North American experts to address the roles that the public and private sectors, as well as government agencies, play in developing standards for managing freshwater resources.

The George W. McCleskey Endowed Professorship was created in 1998 by contributions from friends and family honoring the late George W. McCleskey.

McCleskey was a pioneer and expert in water law as it applied to Texas and the South Plains. The primary objective of the professorship is to equip others to carry on the tradition of excellence and further advance the development of water law knowledge and education.


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