President’s Award, Ceremony Set To Honor High Achieving Advisors

DATE: May 1, 2006
CONTACT: Scott Slemmons,
(806) 742-2136

LUBBOCK – Texas Tech University will hold a ceremony and reception honoring the nominees for the first annual President’s Excellence in Academic Advising Award in the Croslin Room of the University Library from 1:30-2:30 p.m. Wednesday.

University President Jon Whitmore and Provost William Marcy will announce the award winners during the ceremony.

All who were nominated for this award and all who supported the nominees are welcome to attend the reception. Deans, department chairs, advising supervisors, and other supporters of excellence in academic advising also are invited.

Whitmore created the award this spring to emphasize the importance of academic advising.

“While the importance of excellence in teaching will continue to be emphasized at Texas Tech, I also wanted to recognize the value of expert advising outside the classroom to ensure student success and satisfaction along the path to graduation,” Whitmore said.

In offering this award competition and in co-hosting the event, Marcy recognized the excellence of academic advisors.

"Some say that advice is only worth what you pay for it," said Marcy. "If that is indeed the case, then Texas Tech is putting a lot of money into advising to provide value to the student. We provided over $850,000 to hire 29 new advising staff. It doesn’t stop there. These advising awards are intended to provide further reinforcement for advising excellence. The recipients of these awards reflect excellence at both the individual and the department level. They are all to be congratulated."

Twenty nomination packets were submitted for the first offering of the President’s Excellence in Academic Advising Award. Two winners were named in the individual category, and one in the team category.


CONTACT: DaNay Phelps, senior administrator, University Academic Advising, Texas Tech University, (806) 742-0876, or e-mail