Schoolchildren Committed to Education, College Preparedness

Written by Michael Castellon

Date: Feb. 17, 2006
CONTACT: Michael Castellon,

LUBBOCK – About 90 area sixth-graders will get a decade-long jumpstart on their teaching careers on Sunday as they participate in an induction ceremony for Project Future.

The event is hosted by the Texas Tech University College of Education and will occur at 2 p.m. Sunday in Room 202 at the Rawls College of Business at TTU.

The event will feature several speakers giving short presentations on the value of education, particularly in math and science.

Operating from the philosophy that it is never too soon to begin preparing children for higher education, or too early to begin nurturing their professional interests, the project selects students who possess a strong desire to grow up to be teachers.

Students are selected by their schools through an application process. Students who are selected for the program will follow several phases of preparation and instruction until their senior year in high school, just before they begin a formal teacher education at a college or university.

“We understand that before students can consider teaching as a career, they must first believe that college is a possibility for them,” said Janie Landin Ramirez, outreach specialist for the Texas Tech College of Education and coordinator for the project. “This is a way we can be preparing these students for college, not only in terms of education, but also by exposing them to the culture of life at an institution of higher learning.”

Guidelines for student selection include possessing good academic ability with potential for success in college and possessing the potential to be the first generation of a family to attend college.

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CONTACT: Janie Landin Ramirez, outreach specialist for the Texas Tech College of Education, (806) 742 1998 ext. 459, or