DATE: Sept. 6, 2005
CONTACT: Sheila Allee, Sheila.allee@ttu.edu

LUBBOCK – A number of students, displaced because of storm damage caused by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast, have enrolled at Texas Tech University and more are expected in the next few days.

As of Tuesday afternoon, 19 undergraduate students had enrolled and applications had been sent to 15 others. In addition, plans were under way for student athletes from the Tulane baseball team and the women’s basketball team to move to Texas Tech. There are 54 men and women on the two teams. Seven graduate students have been accepted and one student has enrolled in the Texas Tech School of Law.

“We’re giving these students impromptu orientations when they arrive here and getting them in classes as soon as possible,” said President Jon Whitmore. “I’m sure they’re going to get a healthy dose of West Texas hospitality.”

“Times of crisis provide the opportunity for people to come together for the common good and to do the right thing,” said Chancellor David Smith. “The Texas Tech Family began coordinating efforts to reach out to some of our fellow citizens even before the influx of evacuees arrived this weekend.”

Texas Tech is inviting any evacuees housed in Reese Center to attend Saturday’s football game (between the Red Raiders and Florida International) as the university’s guests. In addition, the Red Cross will have volunteers collecting donations at every gate of Jones-SBC Stadium at the Saturday night game.

Complete information about Texas Tech's response to Hurricane Katrina is available at www.katrina.ttu.edu. A hotline has been set up to answer Texas Tech University-related questions. The number is (806) 742-0000. Questions about the Health Sciences Center should be directed to Margret Duran, Office of Student Services, (806) 743-2300.

M. Roy Wilson, president of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, said the institution is proud to serve as the lead institution in providing medical services to the evacuees in this time of need. “Our health care professionals and students from the schools of medicine, nursing and pharmacy stepped up and provided the necessary services and staffing in this critical situation.”

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and Texas Tech students, faculty and staff are working at Reese Center to aid evacuees in the following:

• Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Nursing faculty and senior students are working at the Reese Center for the next two weeks to help with evacuees.
• The Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Schools of Pharmacy and Allied Health are also providing services.
• The Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine Department of Family Medicine is operating clinics on site.

Texas Tech University:

• Texas Tech University Department of Psychology clinical and counseling faculty and students are also working at Reese Center.
• The Texas Tech Vietnam Center is providing a translator for one evacuee.
• The College of Education is gathering school supplies for children housed at Reese Center.
• Displaced students in grades K-12 can take advantage of the Texas Tech University Independent School District to continue their class work. Undergraduate students may use other online and print-based courses to temporarily continue their academic development. Enrollment and other information is available online at www.dce.ttu.edu or by calling 800-692-6877.
• The Texas Tech Center for Campus Life is serving as a clearinghouse for students, faculty and staff desiring to get involved in the relief effort. The university community may call (806) 742-5433 for volunteer information.