Written by Michael Castellon

Date: Aug. 30, 2005
CONTACT: Michael Castellon, m.castellon@ttu.edu

LUBBOCK – The number of faculty at Texas Tech University will increase by about 30 in the fall of 2005, university officials announced this week.

In February 2004, Texas Tech President Jon Whitmore outlined a plan to hire 100 additional faculty members by Fall 2006. Thanks in part to an aggressive faculty recruiting initiative, university officials expect that plan to be well on its way to being realized.

“We have about 90 new faculty joining us this year,” said Texas Tech Provost William Marcy. “We’re pleased to announce that of those 90, about 30 people will be filling brand new positions.”

Whitmore said he expects the new positions, which were funded through tuition increases, to have a significant impact on the university.

“What we’re focused on is bringing to Texas Tech new faculty who can keep us on the cutting edge of their respective fields,” he said.

Marcy said the increase in faculty will help meet the needs of enrollement growth and will allow the university to continue broadening its research initiatives.

“What this means is we’re fulfilling our commitment to the students of Texas Tech by providing quality faculty,” he said. “Quality research requires recruiting and retaining quality faculty, and that’s what we’re doing.”

There is a significant impact on the Lubbock economy from hiring 90 new and replacement faculty, Marcy said. The average faculty salary for all professorial ranks is approximately $70,000 per year.

“Hiring 90 new professorial rank faculty results in a payroll expenditure of approximately $6.3 million per year,” he said. “Using an economic multiplier of three, these expenditures contribute $18.9 million to the economic activity in Lubbock.”

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