Date: August 12, 2005
CONTACT: Sally Logue Post, sally.post@ttu.edu

LUBBOCK − The Texas Tech University System Board of Regents [unanimously] agreed today to endorse the identity system recommendations of the Texas Tech Office of Communications and Marketing. The recommendations were formulated by marketing consultants on contract with the Texas Tech University System, Sherry Matthews Advocacy Marketing, Inc, and sub-contractor Sibley-Peteet Design, Inc.

The recommendations establish a unified identity system, including a new visual identity system, marketing positioning statements and key communication messages, and provide a foundation for a planned visibility campaign.

The visual identity system recommendation, the part of the plan that has drawn alumni and community interest and debate, consists of three related and overlapping components:
• the university seals for official business such as diplomas, and for use by the Chancellor, Regents and the Presidents;
• the Double T as the spirit, traditions and athletic symbol of Texas Tech, which will continue to be used widely by alumni and all sectors of Texas Tech; and
• the creation of a new unified academic symbol for use only by the academic sectors of Texas Tech system-wide.

Such three-part systems for visual identity, according to the marketing consultants, have come into widespread use over the last decade and represent a “best practice” in marketing adopted by a majority of institutions of higher education throughout the country.

Aside from a graphic enhancement to make the symbols within the seals clearer and more recognizable, the seals will remain exactly as they are and they will continue to be used as they have been in the past.

At the May 2005 meeting, members of the Board had asked Texas Tech staff to visit with alumni and other key stakeholders around the state and in Lubbock. The purpose of the meetings was to ascertain the level of support for the identity recommendations, with special attention to the third component of the visual identity

recommendation. The new academic symbol is designed to replace dozens of disparate logos used by the academic units and establish a new unified visual identity for Texas Tech’s academic sector.

Staff reported to the Board that, of the 130 people who participated in the discussion groups, the large majority expressed in writing their support for creating a new unified academic identity. A substantial majority also approved of the specific recommendation to use a coat-of-arms symbol in combination with the name of the institution as the unified academic identity.

For the official endorsement statement of the Board of Regents, and more details on the recommendations as endorsed by the Board, visit “Texas Tech Marketing Update” at www.texastech.edu.

CONTACT: Sally Logue Post, Director of Communications and Broadcast Media, 806-742-2136, or sally.post@ttu.edu.