Date: June 1, 2005
CONTACT: Scott Slemmons,

The Daily Toreador has returned to Texas Tech as the official student newspaper. The paper, previously called The University Daily, will continue to be run by students and will remain in the Student Media department.

The name change, which became effective today with the publication of the first summer issue, was approved on May 6 after much planning and discussion with alumni, faculty, staff and students.

“I think it will be an awesome way to introduce some of those young Red Raiders to their Texas Tech heritage,” said Brandon Formby, 2001-2002 University Daily editor in chief and current reporter at the Dallas Morning News. “I can’t tell you how awesome I think this is.”

The return to the original name coincides with the 80th anniversary of the paper, which was initially called The Toreador when Texas Technological College was founded. The name was changed to The University Daily in 1965, before the school became Texas Tech University.

“We felt going back to a version of the original name would make the paper more identifiable with Texas Tech,” said Susan Peterson, director of Student Media.

The Toreador was selected as the original name in 1925 to reflect the Spanish Renaissance architecture on campus as well as the athletic teams, which were then known as the Matadors. Using the name The Daily Toreador combines that tradition with the daily publication schedule of the current paper.

The effort was led by Heidi Toth, 2004-2005 editor in chief, and Joey Kirk, 2004-2005 managing editor and editor in chief for the upcoming fall semester.

“Our students really took ownership of the name change,” Peterson said. “This was something they really wanted to see happen and they took the necessary steps.”

Those steps included several focus groups and a presentation to the Student Media Committee, which is responsible for selecting the newspaper’s editor each year.

“I think The Daily Toreador brings back a little bit of tradition,” Kirk said, “It does connect us more with Texas Tech than a generic name. I’m excited to do this for our 80th year and I hope we continue the legacy established in our past and strive for better achievements.”


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Susan Peterson, director of student media, Texas Tech University, (806) 742-3388, or e-mail