Date: Feb. 24, 2005
CONTACT: Cory Chandler, cory.chandler@ttu.edu

LUBBOCK – A study conducted by a parking consulting firm found that issues involving parking at Texas Tech University are a matter of convenience rather than capacity.

The study also found that students, employees and visitors of Texas Tech are charged less for parking than those at Texas A&M University and the University of Texas, as well as some other Big 12 schools.

The study, conducted by Walker Parking Consultants and presented Thursday to the Texas Tech Board of Regents Facilities Committee, sought to develop a proactive and client-focused parking plan through 2009 by meeting six main goals. Goals included improving campus parking for students, faculty, staff and visitors; providing choices in parking locations and prices; and improving the effectiveness of the campus bus system.

The study found that an adequate number of parking spaces already exist on campus. The available parking could be located nearer to demand, consultants found, noting a shortage of on-campus residence hall parking as well as faculty and staff parking in the southwest quadrant of the campus.

Texas Tech does, however, provide more parking per user than either A&M or UT. It also offers substantially more surface parking than either of its Texas peer schools.

Texas Tech has nearly 15,800 spaces for its 33,117 students, faculty and staff members while UT has 14,943 spaces for 71,000 users and A&M provides 24,410 spaces for 52,410 users.

Of the spaces provided, 791 of Texas Tech’s are located in a parking garage compared to 9,623 at A&M and 7,100 at UT.

Cost of Texas Tech stickers consistently hover below those of other universities considered in the study. Tech students pay nearly $100 less for a parking garage space than students at A&M and less than half the $616 charged at UT, the study found.

Likewise, the $118 price of Texas Tech’s commuter parking costs less than A&M and the University of Oklahoma.

The study laid out various alternative strategies for capital and operational expenditures. Max Hinojosa, vice president of operations for Texas Tech, said parking planners will now consult with faculty, staff and students to determine the best options for future expansion.


CONTACT: Max Hinojosa, vice president of operations for Texas Tech, at (806) 742-1310.