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At 100 years old, Texas Tech has become a world-class, internationally recognized institution. While much has changed, our traditions, values, and focus on graduating students with the skills to contribute to society remain steadfast. In season three, we celebrate Texas Tech's progress by reflecting on the past, embracing the present, and preparing for the future.

Caroline Hobbs and Lauren Bloss
Bruce Bills
Will Lopez
Jerod Foster
Todd Chambers
Jaime Hansard
Byron Kennedy
Wuensche Family

Meet the Characters

Caroline Hobbs and Lauren Bloss  |  Ep. 1

It's a lot of responsibility to represent one of the most treasured traditions on campus, but Caroline Hobbs and Lauren Bloss say it has been the experience of a lifetime.

Bruce Bills  |  Ep. 2

In the cheer world, Texas Tech's teams are known as elite. Behind the back spots and back flips, we find Bruce Bills, who has helped his team stand on heights of victory.

Will Lopez  |  Ep. 3

Will Lopez's role might be behind the scenes, but his work has impacted thousands of students who need extra help with historically difficult courses.

Jerod Foster  |  Ep. 4

Jerod Foster has taken his passion and made it his profession. His Adventure Media course takes "experiential learning" to the next level.

See content from Adventure Media here: https://www.youtube.com/@texastechadventuremedia5807

Todd Chambers  |  Ep. 5

As a first-generation college student from Brownfield, Texas, Todd Chambers has been an undergraduate and graduate student, staff member, and faculty member at Texas Tech.

Jamie Hansard  |  Ep. 6

When it comes to finding future Red Raiders, Jamie Hansard is leading the charge, adapting to a changing student recruitment environment.

Byron Kennedy  |  Ep. 7

"There has very rarely been a time, and I actually can't think of any, where a donor's investment doesn't ultimately land on a person and make things better than it was before."

-Byron Kennedy, vice president for Advancement

Wuensche Family  |  Bonus

The Wuensche family's Red Raider roots are deeper than most, and they have the Guinness World Record to prove it.

Season 3 Trailer

It's season three, and Fearless recognizes Texas Tech's centennial by taking listeners on a journey through our past, present, and future: How the traditions we treasure came to be and how Red Raiders, with their eyes on the horizon, will continue to be difference makers in our next century.

Ep. 1 | 

The Ties That Bind

Certain things in life go together—peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, Tom and Jerry. For Texas Tech, it's the scarlet and black or the Masked Rider and Raider Red. In the season premiere, we (re)introduce you to these beloved mascots and explore their history and influence on Red Raiders across the globe.

Ep. 2 | 

On The Grand Stage

They're at nearly every athletics event, leading the fans in support of our teams, but the commitment of these students goes beyond the sidelines. In episode two, learn how Texas Tech's Goin' Band from Raiderland and cheer and pom squads represent our university nationally and are essential to our most beloved traditions.

Ep. 3 | 

Building The Framework

Creating the ideal student experience is like building a home; it should be customized to fit your needs. With more than 40,000 students at Texas Tech, finding where you fit in can be challenging, but in episode three, you'll meet the staff dedicated to helping all students find success.

Ep. 4 | 

Shifting Gears

You may have heard of "experiential learning opportunities," but what does that mean at Texas Tech? In episode four, we'll take you on an adventure to share how some faculty have inserted their curriculum into the community and transformed how their students learn. See work produced by the students here: https://www.youtube.com/@texastechadventuremedia5807

Bonus Ep. | 

KP and Cole

Without student collaborators Katie Perkins and Cole Rohrbach, the story of Adventure Media 2023 wouldn't have been the same. In this bonus episode, we sit down to talk about the memories that made this an unforgettable experience.

Ep. 5 | 

Discovering What's Next

The mission of Texas Tech is to educate and graduate students with the knowledge, skills, and personal qualities that enable them to contribute to the workforce. Still, finding a career after college can be a challenge, and the faculty and staff at Texas Tech are here to help make that transition as smooth as possible.

Ep. 6 | 

Finding The Future

If you ask anyone working in higher education, the college recruitment process is very different from what it used to be. Texas Tech has embraced that challenge, turning to technology to identify the next generation of Red Raiders.

Ep. 7 | 

The Three P's

When David Copeland graduated from Texas Tech's School of Law, he defied all odds. The first-generation college student spent his life ensuring students like him could attend college, and he's not alone; this episode features stories of generous alumni who have helped make futures possible for thousands of students.


The Wuensches

There is little Texas Tech history this family has not experienced, and they have the Guinness World Record to prove it. Meet the Wuensches, a family that's proudly worn the Scarlet and Black for generations. In this episode, we explore their legacy through the eyes and voices of the people who have been part of it.


Record Breaker, Legacy Maker

Francis Wuensche blazed the trail that would become a Guinness World Record. This is the story of how she launched her family tradition. This story, written by Evermore Editor Glenys Young is featured in issue four, read by Allison Hirth.



For the first time, the Texas Tech Goin' Band appeared front and center at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. It was a week in the big apple that garnered national attention and created memories that will last a lifetime.


A Conversation with Texas Tech Researchers

At Texas Tech, we're inspiring conversations in our YouTube series Foundations. We're bringing together experts across multiple fields to discuss important issues that impact all of us. This time, it's about water. What happens to this agriculture-rich area if water resources dry up? What do Texas Tech researchers propose we do about it. Watch this episode of Foundations on our YouTube channel and learn more about the characters you hear- https://youtu.be/JcMOWCQoTCQ


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