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What´s so funny?

KTRH - Politics has always been the butt of many jokes. Now, late night show hosts have turned away from their comedic roots and into angry editorials.

Dino-Killing Asteroid Caused Magma to Burst From the Ocean Floor, Say Scientists

Gizmodo - At the end of the Cretaceous era, a large meteorite ploughed into what is now Mexico´s Yucatan Peninsula. The collision set off a chain reaction of environmental calamities that likely contributed to the demise of the dinosaurs. New research is now adding to the list of ensuing catastrophes, suggesting the collision cracked our planet´s seafloor like an egg, forcing magma to pour out along the ocean´s tectonic ridges.

A Crash Course in Crisis Communication

The Chronicle of Higher Education - At a conference in 2011 I was talking with several higher-education administrators about who we thought were the most successful college presidents. Graham B. Spanier of Pennsylvania State and Lou Anna K. Simon of Michigan State were both mentioned. Now their legacies have been eclipsed by the one thing they did not immediately and aggressively stop: the harming of innocent young people.

Saving money can improve happiness

The Paducah Sun - The argument over whether you should invest or pay off debt usually focuses on financial numbers, such as rates of return and interest charges. Maybe happiness should be part of the equation as well.