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What the new Gravitational Waves discovery means for the future of Astronomy

Washington Post - In August, for the first time ever, scientists witnessed the electromagnetic lightning and gravitational gusts from the stormy collision of two neutron stars in a distant galaxy. The cosmic cataclysm created a "kilonova" - a phenomenon that had never been seen before - and the observations by both traditional telescopes and gravitational wave detectors heralded a new era for science. In the years to come, astrophysicists will use two "messengers" to understand the universe: electromagnetism and gravity.

Trump Voters Confront Climate Change in Wake of Hurricane

Edge Media Network - The church was empty, except for the piano too heavy for one man to move. It had been 21 days since the greatest storm Wayne Christopher had ever seen dumped a year's worth of rain on his town, drowning this church where he was baptized, met his high school sweetheart and later married her.