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J-School Deans on How Accreditation Helps, Hurts Programs

MediaShift - When Northwestern University´s Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications said it would forgo reaccreditation by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications, Dean Bradley Hamm told the Chicago Tribune on May 1 that the rules stifle curriculum innovation.

Can We Really Eat Invasive Species into Submission?

Scientific American - LAS PEÑITAS, Bolivia-Before he´d ever seen a paiche, fish trader Eric Salazar had heard the giant Amazonian fish could grow up to 10 feet long, weigh 400 pounds and eat a man whole. The paiche, or Arapaima gigas, is the world´s largest scaled freshwater fish. Native to the jungles of Peru and Brazil, it first appeared in nets in Bolivia´s Amazon Basin in the early 1990s. As it migrated upriver, rumors traveled with it. People said it was created by nefarious Peruvian scientists, that they fed it with the blood of farm animals, that it wasn´t a fish at all but a monster.

"Plan B" Saturday - Springy Again Next Week - Tornado Terminology For Extreme Twisters

The Star Tribune - The USA is on track for the busiest tornado year since 2011. That was the year Tuscaloosa and Joplin were hit. Why have we suddenly come out of a 5-year tornado drought? Two reasons: the same jet stream pattern that generated a stormy treadmill for the western USA created a wind shear profile ripe for tornadoes. Also, record warmth in the Gulf of Mexico has primed the pump with warmer, more unstable air.

2 Professors at Texas Tech Are Running for the Same Seat in Congress

The Chronicle of Higher Education - It´s been more than three decades since a Democrat was elected to represent the 19th Congressional District in northwest Texas. The district is 35-percent Hispanic and has a median household income of $41,000. And it votes so reliably conservative that last year, the Republican who now holds the seat, Jodey Arrington, ran unopposed by any Democratic candidate.