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The downside of a Trump tariff

The Washington Times - When word got out in January 1848 that gold had been discovered at Sutter´s Mill in Coloma, California, near Sacramento, it triggered the famous California Gold Rush, which in a few short years brought some 300,000 fortune seekers to the territory, whose population at the time was just 155,000, most of them Native Americans.

TTU Professor Proposes Alternative to Immigration Ban

Big Country - On the twenty-eighth day of Trump's Presidency, he continues to receive support and push back for his ban on immigration. Regardless of political affiliation, a Texas Tech University Professor told KLBK and Everything that the ban will impact the entire U.S. net economy in a negative way.

EPA Official, After Years of Working to Thwart the Agency's Mission, Returns to Carry Out Trump Agenda

Inside Climate News - David Schnare's career with the Environmental Protection Agency began in the agency's infancy in 1978 with the critical mission of implementing the new Safe Drinking Water Act. Over the next 33 years, he would call the EPA home as an enforcement lawyer and policy analyst, while also working in his outside time to try to undermine some of the agency's pressing priorities.

Should the U.S. Open its Borders to Everyone?

Before It's News - When the government puts "quantitative restrictions on immigration" it´s attempting to centrally plan "a complicated market with people who have heterogeneous skills," argued economist Ben Powell at an immigration debate held Monday night in New York City. Powell, who´s head of the Free Market Institute at Texas Tech University, went up against Mark Krikorian from the Center for Immigration Studies, who argued that if the U.S. were to eliminate numerical caps on immigration "100 million people per decade" might come here-"a revolutionary policy" that would destroy our social fabric.

How Trump's Travel Ban Can Upend Lives of Scientists Like Me

Scientific American - I was about to book a trip to Berlin for a neuroscience meeting when I heard the news: President Donald Trump had issued an executive order barring citizens from seven countries from entering the United States. I have lived in the U.S. for more than seven years and I have a green card. But I have dual citizenship in France and Syria, one of the blocked countries.

Digging Up Digital Music

Archaeological Institute of America - Archaeologists think of stone tools in terms of "technologies"-the particular ways that they were made and used-that help us understand the cultures that produced them. Today we have our own technologies, but they come and go at a vastly different pace. Their life spans are measured not in thousands of years, but in months and even days. To modern digital technology, 65 years is an eon.

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