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Women With This Many Tattoos Have the Highest Self-Esteem

Yahoo! Health - Researchers from Texas Tech University surveyed nearly 2,400 college-age people at six American universities and discovered that women who have four or more tattoos report having the highest levels of self-esteem as compared to those who have fewer than four tattoos or none at all.

'Obesity': Is it Genetic?

Food World News - It's a known fact that obesity is one of the leading causes in the deterioration of one's physical health. Unhealthy diet and junk food is often held responsible for the disease, but recent researches have emerged that obesity, can potentially be 'genetic'. This being said, are genes to blame for most individuals' overweight problems?

Gov´t steps up campaign against Hizmet via terrorism accusations

Today's Zaman - The government has intensified its campaign against the Hizmet movement, a civil society initiative inspired by Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen's teachings promoting interfaith dialogue, peace and tolerance, by putting Gülen on a list of wanted terrorists despite the move lacking any legal basis.

Which parts of the body can we 3D print?

Agenda - Advancements in 3-D printing - a machine that can layer materials to create three-dimensional objects - have skyrocketed in recent years. But while many associate the technology with pointless, plastic trinkets, researchers and scientists have been hard at work tinkering with the technology to create revolutionary products - including printing parts of the human body.