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Case J. Darwin Named a 2016 Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in San Antonio

My San Antonio - The Law Office of Case J. Darwin, Inc. is proud to announce that principal attorney, Case J. Darwin, has been recognized as a 2016 "Best Criminal Defense Lawyer" in San Antonio by Expertise, an online resource dedicated to connecting people with experts within their local communities. This esteemed accolade highlights Case´s accomplishments and success within the criminal-law arena.

What Houston needs: less parking, more parks

My San Antonio - We were coal-rolled. A large white truck slowed down beside us in Rice Village. Because it was PARK(ing) Day, we had turned a parking space near Kelvin into a mini-park, filling it with plants, chairs, and pavers. As I stood and stepped into the street, thinking there might be a conversation there, the truck revved its engine and expelled a thick cloud of exhaust at us before peeling angrily down the street.

Alternative Nuclear Detection Material

Engineering 360 - Texas Tech University researchers have devised a new way to help prevent the smuggling of nuclear weapons by developing a material-hexagonal boron nitride semiconductors-to detect the neutron signals that identify the presence of substances used in the manufacture of nuclear devices.

New data analysis models aim to raise turbine reliability to 99.5%

Wind Energy Update - Improving wind turbine reliability to 99.5% will require new data analysis approaches across the industry as existing techniques won´t allow the sector to go above current reliability levels, according to Carsten Westergaard, senior advisor, Wind and Water at the Sandia National Laboratories and Professor of Practice at Texas Tech University.

How Fiber Quality Became So Valuable

Cotton Grower - American cotton farmers have been extremely fortunate with respect to the advancements made in fiber quality they´ve enjoyed in recent years. Seed companies have placed an added emphasis on producing varieties that not only yield well, but also demonstrate superior strength, length and staple.

Legacy fundraisers: is your job title letting you down?

Charity Choice - Trends in the legacy marketplace currently look positive. In their recent analysis of the market, Smee and Ford found that 37,261 generous people left legacies in 2015, donating an amazing £2.3bn to non-profits. This is the highest number of charitable estates ever recorded by the data analysis firm.