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Making sense of a dog's olfactory powers

Business Standard - Dogs clearly love to smell. They snarfle their way along the sidewalk. They plant their snouts where you wish they wouldn´t. They snuffle, snort and sneeze, pulling in great gulps of air and sorting out the scents as they go.

Living Small Has Never Been So Big

Magzter - Living small has never been so big. In 2013, New York City held its adapt NYC competition for micro apartments, and residents began to move into the city's first legal tiny living spaces last year. Reality TV shows document people who pursue the tiny-home lifestyle, and any number of coffee-table books are devoted to cabins in the woods or on the seashore

Feed more nutrition pre-weaning

Agri-view - What if we knew what the future held? Would plans be made differently if a producer could determine if calves were going to be productive adults? Although the future is unpredictable, there are steps that can be taken to help ensure the future success of calves.

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