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What the historic South Carolina floods can - and can´t - tell us about climate change

The Washington Post - In 2013, after some controversy, South Carolina’s Department of Natural Resources released a report on risks the state could face due to climate change. One of those risks? “A predicted result of climate change is the increase in intense storm events causing greater water inputs in shorter periods of time, affecting flood frequency and duration,” the report noted.

3 Keys To Achieving A Satisfying And Secure Retirement

Real Deal Retirement- It was a tough gig, but someone had to do it. Last week, I joined a team of financial experts who spent eight days aboard the Crystal Symphony luxury liner as part of MONEY Magazine’s “Building the New Retirement” Cruise. Despite the harsh conditions—we were forced to feast nonstop on exquisite cuisine and enjoy excursions at interesting ports of call like Quebec City and Halifax, Nova Scotia—the plucky MONEY team still managed to dispense investing guidance and retirement planning advice to our fellow MONEY cruisers. Here are three tips I’ve distilled from our sessions at sea that can help you chart a course to a more satisfying and secure retirement.

Planned Giving: Don´t Complicate It

NonProfit Pro - Planned gifts of stock, real estate or charitable lead trusts can get money to your organization immediately. Most planned gifts are made from a donor’s non-cash assets, such as stocks and bonds, a retirement plan, personal residence, real estate, life insurance, art or shares in a family business.

Global Thinkers: Is God Having a Climate Moment?

Foreign Policy - In this week’s Global Thinkers podcast, 2014 Global Thinker and atmospheric scientist Katharine Hayhoe joins 2009 Global Thinker and activist Bill McKibben to discuss climate change, denialism, faith, and what to expect from the upcoming Paris conference. Mindy Kay Bricker, FP executive editor for print, and FP energy reporter Keith Johnson host.

How Much Is Our Weight Really In Our Control?

Malaysian Digest - Earlier this month a video titled “Dear Fat People” went viral for all the wrong reasons. The video starred a kind-of-famous-on-YouTube comedian named Nicole Arbour, who decided to use her platform to address the millions of people who are not as skinny as she is. She wanted to let overweight people know just how disgusting she thinks they are.

More Precious Than Oil

Shale Oil & Gas Business Magazine - In the early 1990s, Texas Monthly published an article titled “More Precious Than Oil,” which discussed the proposition that, despite the undeniable value of the abundant supplies of oil and natural gas in the Permian Basin, there was an equally undeniable realization that there was a limited supply of usable water for people and businesses in that area.