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Administration 101: the Big Decision

The Chronicle of Higher Education - Many years ago, I was offered an academic leadership position but turned it down. I spent several anxious nights making that decision. After all, I had just survived the tortuous and time-consuming process that led to the offer. Furthermore, the location of the campus was closer to my extended family, the responsibilities attracted me, and the salary was what I wanted.

Tributes in teh Energy and Climate Debate (Part II)

Before It's News - Last week, I recognized twelve individuals associated with free-market, classical-liberal energy analysis and advocacy. Here is a second `tribute´ to those who have labored against the mainstream of Malthusianism and energy statism-and now find themselves with new opportunities for formulate, summarize, and promote pro-consumer, taxpayer-neutral energy policy.

Thomas Jefferson celebration includes historic book exhibit

The Joplin Globe - As part of the Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School's 25th anniversary celebration, its students on Wednesday got their first chance to handle a copy of Thomas Aquinas' "Summa Theologica" from 1475. Well, it was their first chance unless they'd previously found one of the other two copies known to exist.

Who Is Studying Online (and Where)

Inside Higher Ed - New federal data show continued (and accelerating) growth in online course taking in 2016, even as overall college enrollments were flat or falling. Big gainers: Western Governors and Arizona State. Big losers: the big for-profits.

DTN Cotton Close: Triple-Digit Current-Crop Gains

Cotton Association of India - Cotton futures settled on triple-digit gains in 2017-18 marketing year contracts Thursday, with spot March leading the way to finish on a contract high close. March gained 114 points to settle at 79.25 cents, near the high of its 133-point range from down five points at 78.06 to up 128 points at 79.39 cents. It got within six ticks of its contract high set last Thursday.