Texas Tech University

Discover Texas Tech: Student Disability Services

Jeff Ramazani and Allison Hirth

February 2, 2018


(VIDEO) This series offers a unique perspective into the university and all it has to offer.


It's estimated approximately 2,500 Texas Tech students interact with Student Disability Services (SDS) every semester.

"We believe, and the numbers show, there are a lot of students at Texas Tech and on a lot of university campuses that have disabilities and are afraid to come get help," Blayne Alaniz, assistant director for Student Disability Services, said.

SDS works to enhance each student's learning through the provision of programs and services for students with a disability. The office provides reasonable in-class accommodations based on the documented needs of each of its students. According to Alaniz, the four most commonly provided accommodations are extra time on exams, using the testing center, note taking services and preferential seating in class.

"We take great pride in vetting our students and making sure that we tailor each accommodation list to the student because that's what makes it unique, and that's what makes it effective is that we don't just give all students one thing," Alaniz added.

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