Texas Tech University

Vehicles extending past spaces to be ticketed at Fourth Avenue Parking Garage


December 10, 2017

OColly - OSU Parking Enforcement officers will issue warnings and then $15 citations starting in January to vehicles extending past the 18-foot spaces in the turns of the Fourth Avenue Parking Garage.

"We believe we can make the garage safer by not allowing longer vehicles to park close to the corners," Steve Spradling, parking director, said.

Vehicles must park within a space, according to OSU parking regulations, but OSU does not want to bar longer vehicles. The school simply wants them away from the turns so all 723 permit owners can maneuver safely through the garage.

"We are going to paint end lines on the spaces close to the turns," Spradling said.

Other universities dealing with the same problem are using end lines to help solve the problem.

"The spaces on the ramps at the corners have a line the vehicle must fit within," said Stacy Stockard, spokeswoman for Texas Tech University's Transportation and Parking Services.

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