Texas Tech University

Novel boar pheromone spurs sow reproduction

John J. McGlone

December 21, 2017

National Hog Farmer - Research Review: Getting a greater percentage of sows bred and farrowing will improve profitability and sustainability of commercial pork production.

Researcher: John J. McGlone, Texas Tech University

While genetic improvements in litter size have been significant over the past decades, the farrowing rate remains suboptimum on commercial farms. Producers have few tools to increase breeding, conception and farrowing rates. A newly formulated pheromone called Boar Better that combines three molecules found in boar saliva (not sow saliva) may help.

The research team at Texas Tech University demonstrated that Boar Better causes weaned sows to express sexual behaviors with a single nasal spray post-weaning. Boar Better also caused a rise in serum LH in weaned sows.

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