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Millennial marketing: Generation coming of age brings challenges, opportunities

Amarillo Globe-News

December 10, 2017

Amarillo Globe-News - Bobby Blanchard said he is tired of being blamed for crimes he did not commit.

Austinite Blanchard, 25, began The Avocado Letter earlier this year. The weekly newsletter collects "bad headlines and bad takes about Millennials," poking fun at generalizations accusing the generation of "killing" this and that.

In his opinion, Blanchard said a reason so many businesses are struggling is because there are more product options, so all of the generations are able to support companies that best align with their wants, needs and values.

"The implication is that it's our fault that a business or product is dying, and not the business' poor practices, or poor marketing or a poor product itself," Blanchard said.

Some businesses in the region, and many across the country, have been adjusting, and seeing success, with the change in trends and consumer preferences proving to be an opportunity for local businesses.

Businesses that want to survive will have to adjust to the generation's general preferences, said Deborah Fowler, interim associate chairwoman and professor of Hospitality and Retail Management at Texas Tech University. As Millennials reach peak spending years, Fowler said, there will be more business failures if brands do not adapt.

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