Apparel Design and Manufacturing Program Ranked Among Top 10 Fashion Design Schools in the Southwest

The Department of Design’s program has seen consistent top rankings and been named one of the best programs in the country.


Apparel Design and Manufacturing

The Apparel Design and Manufacturing (ADM) Program in the College of Human Sciences was recently ranked one of the Top 10 Fashion Design Schools in the Southwest by

Texas Tech University's ADM program has consistently been recognized as one of the nation's best. As one of the strongest fashion design schools in the nation, the opportunities are endless for students who enroll in ADM.

The accredited bachelor's degree in ADM allows students to develop superior creative skills by showcasing their talent for future careers. Students are exposed to many aspects of design, even the opportunity to travel and compete internationally to hone in on global trends and expertise in areas such as London, New York and Paris.

The curriculum emphasizes areas of creativity, textiles, apparel product management, custom design for individual consumers and design for mass production. Students participate in extracurricular activities that provide additional learning opportunities, including Hi-Tech Fashion Group, fashion tours of major fashion centers, two yearly design competitions, a Senior Fashion Exhibit and the opportunity to see their own work in a runway show.

Before graduation, each student in the program is placed in an internship with a major design company that often leads to a direct job offer.

Department of Design Chairwoman Sharran Parkinson said many students enter the program with little or no technical skills, so the ADM program steps in to provide the essential training that has earned national recognition.

ADM Student

"As first-year students, they learn the basics of style, design, computer applications and construction," Parkinson said. "Within a four-year period, they are creating their own collections using the latest techniques and design innovations."

Parkinson said the program's goal is to enrich the education of ADM students.

"The faculty members and I aspire to give students as many educational opportunities as possible," she said. "We strive to teach our students to be creative problem solvers, or 'design thinkers' – in other words, to use divergent thinking and creative strategies during the design process."

For many students, the opportunities pave the way for continued education in the graduate program.

"Our students are exposed to business practices and procedures, and some decide to stay an extra year to complete the master's degree in Environmental Design that focuses on Apparel Design and Manufacturing," Parkinson said. "The degree allows students to enhance and apply their knowledge to important research in the field, including sustainable design and design for special populations."

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College of Human Sciences

The College of Human Sciences at Texas Tech University provides multidisciplinary education, research and service focused on individuals, families and their environments for the purpose of improving and enhancing the human condition.

The college offers a Bachelor of Science degree with disciplines in:

  • Apparel Design and Manufacturing
  • Community, Family, and Addiction Services
  • Early Childhood
  • Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Human Development and Family Studies
  • Interior Design
  • Nutritional Sciences
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management
  • Retailing

The college also offers graduate programs leading to the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees.

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Apparel Design & Manufacturing Program

Apparel Design

The Apparel Design & Manufacturing Program in the Department of Design at Texas Tech University provides the key to entering the glamorous world of fashion. Students learn to create and produce their own designs, research, and apply the latest trends, manage product development, apparel design, or design and construct costumes or stage. A variety opportunities and jobs are possible with a degree in Apparel Design and Manufacturing.