Texas Tech University

Collaboration With Academia to Help for Industrial Innovation and Growth

Speaking to an audience in Lubbock at an event organized by Texas Tech University last week, Dr. Carlos Brito Cruz, and Science Director of FAPESPSão Paulo highlighted the collaborations that they have been able to forge with global companies such as GSK, Shell, etc. Unicamp, a state university in São Paula has been a pioneer in startups culture in Brazil, which has helped to create about 454 companies that have resulted with over 21,000 jobs.

While speaking at the above event, Dr. Lawrence Schovanec, President of Texas Tech University emphasized the importance of international collaboration and stated, "Research universities that aspire to address global and grand challenges in research and education should focus on international collaborations." He added, "International linkages enable us to understand the culture and people of different nations, in addition to strengthening academic and research tie-ups."

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