Texas Tech University

Waco: Thursday marks 150th anniversary of Chisholm Trail

Paul J. Gately

October 26, 2017

KWTX 10 - On this date 150 years ago O.W. Wheeler and his partners began driving 2,400 head of cattle they'd just bought in San Antonio toward sale markets in Abilene along some wagon tracks they just ran across on their way.

The curator of the National Ranching Heritage Center, at Texas Tech University, in Lubbock, points out author C.H. Rust, in his book entitled "The Trail Drivers of Texas", says Waco was part of the Eastern Trail or the McCoy Trail, but not actually on the Chisholm Trail.

Rust wrote: the trail passed to the "right (east) of Salado, to the right (east) of Belton, to old Fort Graham, crossing the Brazos River to the left (west) of Cleburne."

But state researchers disagree: "I find it amazing that there could be any doubt about the trail going through Waco.

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