Texas Tech University

CEDC Awards 25th Facade Grant

Roger Estlack

October 4, 2017

Clarendon Live - The Clarendon Economic Development Corporation presented its 25th façade grant award to Signs Plus this week.

Since the Façade Grant Program began in 2008, the CEDC has awarded $32,382.04 to property owners in Clarendon, resulting in more than $64,764 in business improvements. The Façade Grant Program has provided 50-50 matching grants, up to a maximum of $2,000 per project, which could be any of a wide variety of projects, such as a coat of paint, new signage, sidewalk improvements, or a complete rehabilitation of a storefront.

Under current program guidelines, the façade grant program has granted awards to eligible properties located in the city's entire Central Business District and on the US 287 corridor.

Next month, the CEDC will consider renewing the existing program while adding an option to provide larger cash awards to businesses on Kearney Street for renovations that are more in keeping with the historic appearance of downtown using streetscape plans by Texas Tech University's College of Architecture as a guide.

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