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Museum of Texas Tech Schedules New Series

David Gay

September 19, 2017

Museum by Night

"Museum by Night: Illuminating Ideas” series centers on various topics in the human experience.

Museum By Night

The Museum of Texas Tech University and the College of Education is hosting "Museum by Night: Illuminating Ideas,” at 6:00 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month. The first event, "The Art and Science of Wine and Pleasure,” takes place on Thursday (Sept. 21.)

Each month, "Museum by Night: Illuminating Ideas” will center on various topics related to the human experience. Throughout the evening, different speakers, including artists, scientists, theologians, poets and musicians will address the theme as well as interact with the participants. Artifacts from the museum's collections will be displayed and integrated into the theme.

"The Art and Science of Wine and Pleasure," takes place on Thursday (Sept. 21.)

Members of the community have assisted in developing each evening to represent the artistic and intellectual nature of Lubbock. This helps each evening have a fresh and relevant perspective.

The first evening, "The Art and Science of Wine and Pleasure,” will feature wine tasting from local wineries, French balfolk music and dancing, and talks from a local neuroscientist, a community vintner, an enologist and a historian.

Patricia Hawley, a professor of educational psychology and leadership in the College of Education, said the goal of this series is to help the Museum of Texas Tech be more open to everyone.

Patricia Hawley
Patricia Hawley

"Many museums feel intimidating and exclusionary to many people,” Hawley said. "Museums often give the impression of being apart from the community rather than a part of the community.”

Hawley hopes this event also encourages interest amoung younger adult audiences to be interested in visiting and spending time at museums.

With "Museum by Night: Illuminating Ideas,” Hawley wants to attract museum fans and skeptics alike.

"In the end, we hope to create a pleasant and welcoming space in an effort to humanize the arts, sciences and humanities, and to demonstrate the relevance of the Museum to Lubbock and Texas Tech,” Hawley said.

Other events in the series include:

  • Oct. 19: "Storytelling in the Age of Jazz” – This event will visit the legacy of Eric Strong, a jazz and art advocate as well as noted storyteller from Lubbock. It will feature a jazz historian, a community vocalist, a pianist and clothing from the collections of the jazz era.
  • Nov. 16: "The Wonder of Women” – This event will cover the topics of growth, women's empowerment and the evolution of female heroism in comics and film. It will feature local cosplayers who will discuss their art and craft, local visual artists who are involved in Lubbock Con and the First Friday Art Trail and collectors who will show their comic book memorabilia and explain their cultural importance.

These events are free and open to the public. Donations are encouraged.

For more information about museum events, visit its website.

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