Texas Tech University

2017 Fall Enrollment Numbers

Amanda Castro-Crist; Graphic by Armando Godinez

September 14, 2017

Campus Blur
Fall Enrollment Numbers

Texas Tech Meets Enrollment Criteria to Qualify
as Hispanic-Serving Institution

Latino Students

With a record enrollment of Hispanic undergraduate students during fall 2017, Texas Tech University has met the enrollment criteria to be recognized as a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) by the U.S. Department of Education. This fall marks the first time the undergraduate student body has surpassed 30,000 students, with 30,759 undergraduates enrolled, 27.8 percent of which are Hispanic. Total enrollment for the university is 37,010, also a record.

In addition to other requirements, an institution designated as an HSI shows at least 25 percent of its full-time undergraduate students are Hispanic. With 2017 as the qualifying year for Texas Tech, the university is on track to that official designation beginning in 2019, resulting in access to new federal funding of more than $8 to 10 million that may be available after the application period that year.

"This is an important distinction for Texas Tech University," said President Lawrence Schovanec. "We will be one of 10 Carnegie Tier One institutions to receive this designation, which will greatly benefit our continuing efforts in educating and graduating a diverse student population. Eventually, it will result in increased federal funding and offer other opportunities for funding channels previously unavailable."