Texas Tech University

Climate change has become a "moral crisis," top scientist says


September 11, 2017

Salon - Climate experts seem to agree that there is a connection between the severity of Harvey and Irma and man-made global warming. One of them - Jon Foley, the executive director of the California Academy of Sciences - even went so far as to go on a prolonged tweet storm on the subject.

Meanwhile, Dr. Katherine Hayhoe - an atmospheric scientist at Texas Tech University - told the Times: "When we try to warn people about the risks, there's no 'news' hook. No one wants to listen. That's why the time to talk about it is now." She added, "The most pernicious and dangerous myth we've bought into when it comes to climate change is not the myth that it isn't real or humans aren't responsible. It's the myth that it doesn't matter to me. And that is exactly the myth that Harvey shatters."

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