Texas Tech University

TTU Students Create First Elastic Apple Watch Band

Ashley Brown

September 8, 2017

KCBD - Two Texas Tech seniors are making their dreams a reality with the first elastic Apple Watch band, what they call Braxley bands.

"I was wondering why people weren't really taking advantage of this interchangeability and so that was the whole thing we wanted to do was make a bunch of really cool interchangeable bands and then the elasticity is just an added level of uniqueness," Braxton Manley said.

Manley and Grant Andrews attended a workshop at the Innovation Hub on the Texas Tech campus.

They pitched separate business concepts both dealing with apple watch bands, but that all changed when their separate designs came together.

"It was probably the end of January when we were like okay let's get rid of this thing called Strapped and lets both put all our energy towards Braxley and make this the next big thing," Manley said.

Combined forces developing all thoughts and concepts inside the innovation hub. And once their original plan was finalized they went to their grandmas for some help.

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