Texas Tech University

This Kid Has Entered Engineering School at Only 12 Years Old


August 20, 2017

GineersNow - When you find a boy with a backpack regularly roaming around the halls of Cornell University College of Engineering in Ithaca, New York, most likely he is not lost. Because he is an undergraduate student there.

Jeremy Schuler was already admitted as an engineering student at Cornell at the age of 12, which makes him the youngest student ever to enroll in the Ivy League institution. This is no wonder since the boy, who is now 13, is a child prodigy.

When he was barely two, Schuler is able to read English and Korean. Upon reaching five, he read Journey Through Genius: The Great Theorems of Mathematics which was his benchmark in learning calculus a year later. Because he was way ahead of his time, Schuler had to be homeschooled. He was able to graduate with his high school diploma from Texas Tech University Independent School District (TTUISD), a flexible online education program that allows K-12 students to earn credits at their own pace.

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