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'The Uninhabitable Earth' and the Paradox of Climate Change Awareness

James Wilt

July 17, 2017

Independent Australia - It's not often that an article about climate change becomes one of the most hotly debated issues on the internet - especially in the midst of a controversial G20 summit.

That's certainly not going to be an easy feat. But there are plenty of initiatives out there that are embracing a bit more nuance.

Lertzman points to Project Drawdown – an attempt to compile the 100 top solutions to climate change – as a powerful initiative, although she suggests "even that is missing the emotional taking stock of where we are". Cohen shouted out the work of the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication and Texas Tech climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe.

But central to progressing beyond the gridlock of current climate discourse is likely via bringing it closer to the local level, where people feel they can actually influence things.

CBC's new podcast '2050: Degrees of Change' is a good example of this. While it paints a dramatic picture of life in BC under climate change, it also uses a scenario under which the world has drastically decreased greenhouse gas emissions.

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