Texas Tech University

Beyond Uncertainties, Sandia Sees Growth in Weapons Program

Jeff Garberson

June 22, 2017

The Independent - The new director at Sandia's Livermore site anticipates growth in its nuclear weapons program, while dealing with substantial uncertainties in other areas, like the intentions of the Trump Administration, the slow speed of clearance investigations and the high cost of living in the Bay Area.

"The fact that we have $1 billion in other federal agency work drives a lot of breadth in the system," she said.

The range of Sandia's work is also indicated by the many sites where its technical work is done, often in collaboration with research groups working locally.

For one example, Sandia manages an atmospheric research facility on the North Slope of Alaska. For another, it contributes to wind energy research in Lubbock, Tex., at Texas Tech University's National Wind Institute Research Center.

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