Texas Tech University

Beautiful Music Together

Meredith Farkas

June 1, 2017

American Libraries - Most libraries have collected music for decades. When I was a teenager with limited funds, the public library offered me the opportunity to explore genres and artists I probably would never have taken the risk to buy at a store. While the formats in which libraries collect music have evolved over time, many libraries are still focused on providing a diverse music selection similar to what you'd get at a music retailer.

Another way libraries can support local music is by helping their patrons make music. As part of the makerspace movement, some libraries have built recording studios that allow patrons to record professional-quality audio. The Crossroads Studio at the Texas Tech Libraries has a professional recording studio with a sound engineer to ensure a polished product.

Libraries even circulate musical instruments. Richmond (Va.) Public Library and Girls Rock! RVA partnered to offer kids ages 8–18 the opportunity to check out a variety of musical instruments from their Free Richmond Instrument Lending Library. For children who might not yet know what instrument they want to pursue, the opportunity to try out different instruments can be invaluable.

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