Texas Tech University

Updated Tornado Rating System Uses Engineering Know How to Assess Damage Risk

Rhonda Fanning

May 22, 2017

Texas Standard - Meteorologists are predicting that 2017 could be one of the most active tornado seasons in recent history. Texas has already experienced deadly tornadoes this year, and the season is most active in May and June.

In fact, it was ten years ago that researchers decided we needed something better than the F0-F5 rating system – the Fujita Scale. This change was in large part led by Professor Kishor Mehta, a Texas Tech civil engineer. He helped develop the new Enhanced Fujita Scale, or EF Scale. To more accurately measure the impact of tornadoes.

Mehta says the old system for measuring the severity of storms was developed in 1971, and assigned each tornado a rating based on the amount of damage meteorologists estimated it was capable of inflicting.

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