Texas Tech University

Trump Discovers the Dangers of Governing at Daredevil Speed

Glenn Thrush

May 20, 2017

The New York Times - President Trump was determined to leave his mark on Washington quickly. Now the city is leaving its bruising mark on him, with the same astonishing swiftness that has been a hallmark of his lightning-strike political career.

"During the campaign, Donald Trump never stopped to refuel, and he speeded up through every caution flag," said Brian Fallon, Hillary Clinton's 2016 press secretary, who helped lead the effort to defend against Mr. Trump's attacks during the campaign.

"But when you run every single race at a daredevil pace, well, eventually you are going to get into a pretty violent wreck," he added.

Brian Ott, a Texas Tech professor who has analyzed Mr. Trump's use of social media, said: "The velocity at which this is happening right now is absolutely unprecedented. News is breaking so fast the stories are stepping on each other."

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