Texas Tech University

The Science Is In: Screen Time for Your Kids Really Isn't That Bad

Morgan Cutolo

May 5, 2017

Reader's Digest - Playing endless games of hide and seek with your toddler can get tiring very quickly. And sometimes parents need a break from pretending to not know the very obvious spot there child is hiding. Well, you no longer have to feel guilty about letting your kids plop down in front of the television for an hour or two or letting them play on an iPad, because it's been proven, that in certain circumstances, screen time for your kids can actually be beneficial.

Another way to incorporate screen time in a beneficial way is to watch TV together. Turn on an educational kids show and sit next to your toddler to answer any questions that they might have. The AAP says that a few hours of television a week is fine as long as you make it a family activity and encourage your kids to ask questions about the show. One show in particular that can be extremely beneficial to watch together is Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on PBS. Researchers at Texas Tech University reported that kids who watched 10 episodes over a two-week period had higher levels of empathy and confidence, and they were able to recognize emotions better.

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