Honors College Mentoring Program Impacts Hundreds Of Elementary Students

(VIDEO) The Bayless Elementary Mentoring Program began in 2014.

It's been three years since the Bayless Elementary Mentoring Program began, but in that short time, more than 300 students at Bayless Elementary have been positively impacted by their interactions with Honors College students.

"We sit on a waiting list all the time," Amy Stephens, principal at Bayless Elementary, said. " Anybody that finds out about how great the program is, they really want their student to get to be a part of that."

The program, which was created by dean Michael San Francisco, pairs Honors College students with students at Bayless Elementary. The mentors are required to travel to the elementary school once a week to meet with their students. For one hour each week, they work on homework, play games and talk.

"There were some kids who were on the edge of flunking and failing out of class and because our students worked extra hard with them, they passed," said San Francisco. "I think our students provide an element of stability in their lives."

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