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The 50 Most Powerful Moms of 2017

Vivian Manning-Schaffel

May 10, 2017


Working Mother presents an annual list of inspiring moms, who are fearlessly leading everything from online meccas to global movements.

#33 Katharine Hayhoe

Katharine Hayhoe
Katharine Hayhoe

The scientific evidence that exists about how climate change is affecting our planet is simply alarming. That's what makes the Canadian-born Katharine Hayhoe so compelling-she's a Texas Evangelical Christian climate scientist who is here to say she's seen the data, and it's urgent we believe the hype and take action.

As founder and CEO of ATMOS Research, she provides information on how climate change affects various organizations' infrastructure, and leads climate impact assessments for cities like Chicago and California. Her research is widely referenced and published in key reports, and her findings have come before Congress.

Katharine Hayhoe
Hayhoe talks climate change
with President Obama and
Leonardo DiCaprio. Full Story>>

Dubbed by Fortune as one of the world's greatest leaders, her PBS web series "Global Weirding," breaks down climate impact. Yet, even superstar scientists struggle with the same stuff all moms who travel for work do.

In a post on a Christian fellowship blog, she describes how the complications of traveling with a breast pump led her to start bringing her infant son to science conferences. "I have a vague memory of screaming something along the lines of, 'I squeezed every single ounce from my body! And you are not going to take it!' in the TSA line. It was ridiculous. So after that I just said, I'm taking him with me, I don't know how it's going to work, but that's what we're going to do." Sometimes, a working mother has to take a stand.

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