Texas Tech University

Amarillo Entrepreneurs Want to Pull Tech's Innovation Hub North

Ben Egel

April 10, 2017

Amarillo Globe News - The Amarillo City Council's version of Thomas Edison couldn't figure out how to foment a start-up culture in the city. Then a light bulb went off over Place 4 representative Mark Nair's head.

A tech consultant and patented inventor, Nair reached out to Kimberly Gramm, the new managing director at Texas Tech's sparkling $29 million Innovation Hub. He wanted to help coach Lubbock entrepreneurs through the ins and outs of getting businesses off the ground, he said, with a long game in mind.

Nair, Maxi-Volt Corporation board chairman Mark Wingate and artist Andrew DeJesse have signed up as National Science Foundation I-Corps mentors at the Innovation Hub. But Nair's ultimate goal is to convince Tech to open similar facilities in Amarillo - both out at the Pantex Plant and downtown.

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