Texas Tech University

Unlike Trump, America Is Kicking Its Well-Done Steak Habit


March 3, 2017

Chicago - I've been oddly obsessed with President Trump's affinity for well-done steak. Not because I have a dog in this fight-it actually made me want a well-done steak, since it's been awhile-but because of the intersection of food and culture that turns up in pieces like Helen Rosner's for Eater.

Based on Twitter anecdata, it seemed like steak temperature preference might be generational, and that age correlates with doneness. So I started poking around.

A 2010 study from Texas Tech of over 1,300 people in Phoenix, Baltimore/Washington, and Lubbock, Texas, found that the preference for well-done steaks was just 9.9 percent. More than 30 percent of respondents preferred medium-rare or less (27 percent medium-rare, four percent rare) as tastes became more like those of San Francisco.

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