Southwest Collection/ Special Collections Library Honors Women Who Shaped Texas Tech

The exhibit celebrates women’s contributions to Texas Tech University.

Beginning today (March 1), the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library will honor Women’s History Month with an exhibit about groundbreaking alumnae and faculty who have shaped Texas Tech University’s history.

The third annual exhibit is hosted in two campus buildings. The Croslin Room of the Texas Tech Library will host artifacts, clothing and photographs about the women. There will be six panels featuring those who were honored in previous years and six posters of women who have realized major university milestones.

The SWC/SCL will host the newest honorees of the exhibit. The honorees are:

  • Jeannine McHaney, founder of the women’s athletic program at Texas Tech.
  • Ginger Kerrick, an alumna of the physics department who became the first Latina flight director at NASA.
  • Tina Fuentes, a nationally established artist who taught at Texas Tech for more than 30 years.
  • Anita Harrison, the first Lubbock-born Latina to attend Lubbock schools K-12, attend all undergraduate years at Texas Tech and successfully graduate.
  • Stella Courtney Crockett, the first African-American graduate who attended K-12 schools in Lubbock and all four consecutive years at Texas Tech.

Biographies of all the women featured can be viewed here and here.

The exhibit runs through April 6.

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The SWC/SCL offers:

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