Texas Tech University

The Day the Earth Stood Ill

Washington Monthly

October 31, 2016

Washington Monthly - Ask yourself: how many Trump voters will be watching the National Geographic Channel tonight? As much as we’d like to believe that political polarization isn’t as bad as it really is, let’s face it, tonight’s premiere of the second season of Years of Living Dangerously and the Leonardo DiCaprio-produced documentary Before the Flood is a strictly blue-state affair. To the extent any Trump supporter tunes in, it will be to mock and ridicule the climate-concerned celebrities involved.

A study by researchers in the US has found that right-leaning Catholics who had heard of the pope's message were less concerned about climate change and its effects on the poor than those who had not, and had a dimmer view of the pope's credibility.

"The pope and his papal letter failed to rally any broad support on climate change among the US Catholics and non-Catholics," said Nan Li, first author of the research from Texas Tech University.

"The conservative Catholics who are cross-pressured by the inconsistency between the viewpoints of their political allies and their religious authority would tend to devalue the pope's credibility on this issue in order to resolve the cognitive dissonance that they experience," she added.

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