Texas Tech University

Experts Provide Did-You-Knows for Fall Lawn Maintenance

Market Wire

October 7, 2016

Market Wire - Fall has just begun, but according to turfgrass experts from across the nation, lawn owners should waste no time in preparing their lawns for the winter weather ahead. Fall lawn care promotes good root development, enhances storage of energy reserves and extends color retention in lawns. Grass Seed USA, a national coalition of grass seed farmers and academic turf specialists, conducted a survey of university professors and turfgrass specialists from esteemed horticulture departments to gather lesser known fall lawn care tips for a healthy, beautiful lawn come spring.

"Start fertilizing grass to promote recovery and growth. Approximately 75% of the annual fertilization of the grass should be applied throughout the fall to extend the green color period and reduce dormancy of the grass." - Joseph Young, PhD, Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University

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