Texas Tech University

Screen time is no substitute for real learning

New York Post

September 2, 2016

New York Post - Hey, Moms and Dads: If you were happy to see the recent headline that kids who watch “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” are improving their social skills, you might want to read the fine print. It turns out that there’s an important caveat: The results applied only to kids whose parents actually watched the PBS show with them and talked to them about it both during and afterward.

In an article in the Journal of Children and Media, researchers at Texas Tech and the University of Oregon report the results of a study on 127 preschoolers who watched various episodes of the cartoon (which is a spinoff of "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood"). They found that watching the show "was associated with higher levels of empathy, but only for preschoolers" whose parents interacted with them in productive ways about the show.

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