Texas Tech University

2016 Fall Enrollment Numbers

Heidi Toth; Graphic by Blake Ferguson

September 29, 2016


Fall Enrollment Numbers

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Clinton Porter
Clinton Porter

Clinton Porter is one of 36,551 students who enrolled in Texas Tech, either as new or returning students. He's doing what many of his fellow first-year college students are – taking 13 credit hours, easing into college life and checking out available majors to see what best suits his skills and goals.

He is not, however, the average first-year college student.

When Porter was a senior in high school, living in Naples, Florida, college wasn't on his radar. Neither of his parents went to college, and his mother didn't know about the deadlines for admission, financial aid and scholarships. She didn't know how to help him prepare for the ACT, write his essay or set up campus visits. Neither she nor Porter knew about a state program that would have allowed them to pre-pay four years of tuition at any public university in Florida.