Media & Communication to Host Ribbon Cutting Friday for Communication Training Center

The center will help foster improved communication throughout the university.

David Perlmutter

David Perlmutter

The ribbon cutting for Texas Tech's new Communication Training Center (CTC) will be at 11 a.m. Friday (Sept. 16) at the McKenzie-Merket Alumni Center. The ribbon cutting is open to the public.

David Perlmutter, Dean of the College of Media & Communication, said he sees the CTC, which will be housed in the Media & Communication building, as a tool that will help increase the quality of various aspects of communication throughout the university and beyond.

"The Communication Training Center is at the core of the 10-year Quality Enhancement Plan at Texas Tech," Perlmutter said. "We are deeply honored to propel forward the mission of improving oral and visual communication skill sets for teaching, public and policymaker engagement, and workplace preparedness."

Luke LeFebvre

Luke LeFebvre

Luke LeFebvre, director of the new CTC, said he is looking forward to working across the institutional landscape with faculty and graduate students from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds to improve oral and visual communication for undergraduate students in the classroom.

"The CTC's short-term primary objective has and continues to be the work with core curriculum coordinators, particularly those core coordinators overseeing large multi-section courses," LeFebvre said. "These courses play a fundamental role in the undergraduate student experience during their first and second years at Texas Tech University. We want to ensure instructors, faculty or graduate students who teach these courses feel competent about how to integrate meaningful student engagement around the content of the course and are confident communicating with the students in their classes, both orally and visually."

Texas Tech President Lawrence Schovanec said the college's role in creating the CTC will help with the new initiative to improve students' communication skills and multicultural awareness.

"The CTC will play an essential role in helping Texas Tech meet the objectives of our recently adopted Quality Enhancement Plan," Schovanec said. "Through the CTC, and supported by the expertise in the College of Media & Communication, students and faculty will be better trained and informed about this new initiative."

College of Media & Communication

College of Media & Communication at Texas Tech offers undergraduate degrees in various communications-related disciplines including:

The College also offers graduate degrees in communications to prepare students for careers in the communications industry, communications research and academia.

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