Thousands of Red Raiders Return to Campus for #TTUMoveIn2016

Texas Tech students are making their way to their new homes in Raiderland.

As the weekend began, Texas Tech students who waited all summer to call Raiderland home made their way to campus to start the process of moving into their residence halls. Awaiting them were Howdy Techsan students ready to welcome and lead them to their rooms. 

howdy techsans welcome students moving in 2016

Students checked in to their residence halls and discovered where their home for the 2016-2017 school year would be. 

Student checking in at residence hall 2016

Next came the heavy lifting, everything from TVs to clothes to groceries were carried in from cars and moving trucks by hand and in carts. 

Parent and student moving in to residence hall 2016

Parent and student moving in to residence hall 2016

Parent and student moving in to residence hall 2016

Walking down the hall, students, parents, siblings and friends could be seen moving things in, arranging, decorating, and even resting (for just a minute, they promise). 

Hallway of Residence Hall During Move In 2016

 Next came the hard part: where to put all of their possessions!

Student moving into residence hall 2016

Student moving into residence hall 2016

And, of course, decorating their new room just so. 

Student decorating residence hall room 2016

students in decorated residence hall room 2016

Student decorating residence hall room 2016

In the end, one thing is for sure, there's no place like home. 

student in decorated residence hall 2016

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University Student Housing

University Student Housing

Texas Tech University Student Housing houses approximately 8,000 students in 13 residence halls, four suite-style halls and one apartment complex. Housing offers rooms with movable and fixed furniture, suite style rooms and apartments for both undergraduate and graduate students.

For more information about the different residence halls, visit the University Student Housing website.

University Student Housing also is committed to creating a greener campus with its "Guns Up, Green Up!" recycling pledge. Housing encourages students to participate in its sustainability efforts by reducing waste and recycling at the Texas Tech Recycling Center.


Center for Campus Life

The Center for Campus Life offers programs and services that enrich the Red Raider experience by focusing on student transitions, the university and campus traditions, establishing positive relationships with students and families, and maintaining collaborative partnerships.

Services related to the following areas are offered:

  • Greek Life
  • Community Engagement
  • Leadership Development
  • Spirit & Traditions
  • Student Emergency & Crisis
  • Study Abroad
  • Student Services
  • General Student Services

Hospitality Services

The Department of Hospitality Services will challenge students to become active participants in their individual learning experience by enriching each guest's experience through excellence in services, staff development, technological advancements, cutting edge facilities, sustainability, and performance.

Check out the many dining locations across campus.