Confirmed case of Zika virus in Lubbock County

San Angelo Now - On Thursday, the City of Lubbock Health Department announced a case of travel-related Zika virus has been confirmed in a Lubbock County resident. Zika virus, primarily transmitted by mosquitoes, was first discovered in Uganda in 1947. For decades, it was known as a short-lived, relatively mild illness with no long-lasting effects. In September, Brazilian doctors noticed a 1,400 percent spike in congenital brain deformities in a part of Brazil that experienced a Zika outbreak months earlier.

"Whether Zika virus has shifted or drifted in its antigenic properties, we really don't know with the current outbreak that's going on. There's something that's caused it to be much more widespread, whether it's increased mosquito numbers, environmental factors that may influence more mosquitoes being infected with it or more mosquitoes in an area"said Steven M. Presley, professor, The Institute of Environmental and Human Health at Texas Tech University.

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