Dean of Agricultural Sciences Hosts Webinar on Cattle Nutrient Requirements

Michael Galyean presented the new edition of guidelines on nutrient requirements in beef cattle developed by the National Research Council.

Michael Galyean, dean of the Texas Tech University College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources,  presented a webinar on Wednesday (May 25) introducing the eighth revised edition of Nutrient Requirements of Beef Cattle, or Beef NRC.

Michael Galyean

Michael Galyean

Galyean, whose expertise is in cattle nutrition and management, has played an integral role in developing guidelines for cattle nutrition with the National Research Council, now known as the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, serving at its chair. The NRC has published seven previous editions of the Beef NRC, which provides guidelines for cattle nutritionists and academic professionals as well as those in the cattle and feed industries to develop and implement nutritional and feeding guidelines for beef cattle.

The last edition of the Beef NRC was published in 2000 and numerous changes have taken place in the beef cattle industry, warranting an updated set of guidelines with a great amount of new information on cattle nutrition.

The new guidelines will include not only energy and nutrient requirements for beef cattle but also information about phosphorus and sulfur content, strategies to reduce nutrient loss in manure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the relationship between nutritional quality and food safety, nutrient metabolism and utilization, feed additives as well as future areas of research.

For a hard copy of the Beef NRC, visit the National Academies Press website.


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The college also consists of eleven research centers and institutes, including the Cotton Economics Research Institute, the International Cotton Research Center and the Fiber and Biopolymer Research Institute.

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