Texas Tech University


With the climate and environment of West Texas, Texas Tech University is the perfect location for cutting-edge, nationally recognized wind research to take place. It all happens at the National Wind Institute (NWI). Texas Tech University has been a leader in all aspects of wind research for more than 40 years, and NWI was the first in the nation to offer a doctorate degree in wind science and engineering, and a Bachelor of Science in wind energy. What makes NWI different is that it offers its students a multidisciplinary approach to learning about wind.

"Over time the institute grew to include more researchers from different departments," said NWI interim director Daan Liang. "We have professors from the geosciences department and also people from different engineering departments. In recent years, we've also been inviting faculty members from the Rawls College of Business and the College of Human Sciences. Wind is a very complex issue so we need all the different expertise to help us come up with solutions."