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Texas Tech Researchers Use Cutting-Edge Science To Study Super Bowl Ads

Everything Lubbock

February 8, 2016

Everything Lubbock - Even though many people will tune in to see whether the Broncos or Panthers will be the next Super Bowl champ, chances are the advertisements are just as big an attraction as the game. Some Texas Tech researchers are using some cutting-edge research to find out exactly why some ads work, and some don't.

Glenn Cummins and Paul Bolls are both with the Center for Communication Research at Texas Tech, and they're using their psychophysiology lab to study how people's brains process and respond to ads. Their research will be using a science called neuromarketing, which looks at how the brain responds to advertising messages.

"The Super Bowl is the world's largest stage for creative television advertising," Bolls said. "Our research takes a more scientific look at what makes a great Super Bowl ad and how viewers respond to advertising."

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