Registration for Fourth Annual Appathon Open Until Feb. 16

The competition, open until Tuesday (Feb. 16) for the fourth annual Texas Tech University Appathon, scheduled for Feb. 19-20.

Registration is open until Tuesday (Feb. 16) for the fourth annual Texas Tech University Appathon, scheduled for Feb. 19-20.

The TTU Appathon challenges students to create a theme-based app within 24 hours. They can compete as individuals or as a team with up to three members.

In this year’s Appathon, teams must create an app with the theme “By Request …” that can apply to a variety of products and interests such as requesting food at a restaurant, a place to stay with Airbnb, a ride with Uber, a karaoke song or an update on the weather.

As one of the original organizers for the Appathon, professor Randy Reddick, assistant dean for technology services in the College of Media & Communication, said it began in 2013 and was inspired by a “Hackathon” held in London.

“It starts with a ‘shout-out,’ where a number of people come to the Appathon, and if they’re not connected with a team or they have a team that is not complete, they can connect with other people who have varying skills,” Reddick said.

Reddick also said while engineering and design majors have dominated the competition in the past, Appathon is open to students in all majors at the university.

Kuhrt Cowan, Media & Communication webmaster and another organizer of the event, encourages students to sign up for the competition because he sees it is a great way for them to gain experience and improve their skills.

“This competition uses real-world scenarios to challenge students to work efficiently, communicate well and pull their own weight,” Cowan said. “I’m looking forward to seeing what ideas students come up with and how they utilize the 24-hour time limit.”

Students interested in participating in the TTU Appathon can sign up at

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