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General to Speak for The Vietnam Center and Archive Guest Lecture Series

Karin Slyker

November 12, 2015

Gen. Anthony Zinni is respected for his insight on military and international politics.

Gen. Anthony Zinni (ret.)


MEDIA: General Zinni will be available for interviews Nov. 13 at 10:30 a.m. in the Formby Room of the Southwest Collections/Special Collections Library.

WHAT: The Vietnam Center and Archive Guest Lecture Series with Gen. Anthony Zinni (USMC, retired)

WHEN: 7 p.m. Friday (Nov. 13)

WHERE: Helen DeVitt Jones Auditorium, Museum of Texas Tech University,
 4th Street and Indiana Avenue

EVENT: In his nearly 40 years of military service, Gen. Zinni has become one of the nation's most sought-after and respected voices on military and international political matters. A two-tour veteran of the Vietnam War, Zinni has  served his country in military and diplomatic missions, as well as humanitarian.

Before his retirement from the Marine Corps in 2000, Zinni served as commanding general of U.S. Central Command. He has been awarded 23 personal U.S. medals and personal international awards from Vietnam, France, Italy, Egypt, Kuwait, Yemen and Bahrain.

After leaving the military, Zinni has served the public in different capacities, including various national security, business and educational roles. He has published numerous books, including the international bestseller coauthored with Tom Clancy, Battle Ready.

Zinni will discuss his service during the Vietnam War and how that shaped him as a young Marine Corps officer and continued to shape him as he became one of its senior commanders. 

This event is free and open to the public. Reception and light refreshments to follow the presentation.   

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CONTACT: Steve Maxner, director, Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University(806) 773-8105 or steve.maxner@ttu.edu